July 12th
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Hockey players (& everyone else) can “suck as much cock” as they like, it has no effect on how they play and should have no effect of how they are treated my god Cam Janssen if you are going to have a reason to beat up a certain player make it an actual reason but honestly you are the reason You Can Play needs to exist. 

I don’t care if it’s a part of “hockey culture”- it should change. There isn’t a defence, but there’s room for an apology and certainly room for change. Shout out to YCP for reaching out to Cam and attempting to educate him on how indisputably wrong he is. 

Please just stop being so stupid and ignorant there is nothing else to be said there is no argument for you because being gay does not mean anything in regards to hockey ability. 

Not that you’d know much about hockey ability in the first place but that has nothing to do with this.  

God the sad thing is, so many players probably share this mentality. 


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