September 29th
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pretending to be sober at convenience stores

September 29th
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i think at this point google should just suggest “yeah, you are.”

September 29th
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September 29th
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boredom steadily increases #vancouver

boredom steadily increases #vancouver

September 29th
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❝ That’s a serious question? Well I think it depends. You like the tall greasy swede or the strapping young Ontario boy? ❞

— Kevin Bieksa (on who would be the better male model between Lack & Tanev) 
September 29th
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i hate looking ugly the first time i meet someone like wait i can do better than this i swear

September 29th
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September 28th
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September 28th
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i looked up how to clear a sinus infection and this man came into my life

Anonymous said: boston & hawks ha aa h

boston fav: krejci

boston least fav: marchand is my forever boy

chi fav: i like hjalmarsson and kruger

chi least fav: keith is my other forever boy 

qwarky said: canucks. since i am interested in your least fave player since ryan is gone.

fav: alex edler smh

least fav: tommy sestito for suuure

steve-carell said: winnipeg jets

fav: kane cause i want him as a canuck pls

least fav: ladd probably

tonyespera said: montreal!

fav: subban!

least fav: dalé weise

September 28th
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